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A new roof can change the look of your home dramatically. Know that you can trust us to evaluate your roofing system and determine the best materials and installation process to fit within your needs or budget. This includes an in-depth assessment and making the necessary replacements of drip edge, ice and water barrier in the valleys, eaves, and rakes, appropriate ventilation, step flashings and chimney flashings.
While our roofs work hard to keep us safe from outside weather, there are many conditions that can damage its shingles throughout the year. Keep your home safe by watching for these weather hazards.
1- Snow and Ice: Snow is beautiful to look at, but your roof is an ideal spot for it to pile up. As the snow melts and refreezes along the eaves, an ice dam can occur causing serious damage to your soffit and fascia as well as interior damage to insulation, ceilings, and walls.
2- Hail: Hailstorms can potentially cause damage every time a piece of hail hits your roof. The hail can dislodge the granules exposing the asphalt base to UV rays and shortening the life of the roof. Larger hail is especially damaging and may cause leaks.
3- Strong Wind: If you have a roof that is already not in the best condition or one without a high wind rating, strong winds can cause shingles to lift, crease, tear, or even blow off. Nearby trees can cause severe damage with broken branches, limbs or in extreme cases, falling trees.
4- Heat: Prolonged exposure to the sun’s heat on an improperly ventilated roof will age the roof faster causing shingles to crack, curl or blister. This heat damage can impact the temperature inside your home.
5- Rain: As far as adverse weather goes, rain is the most common occurrence. Small holes or cracks in the shingles, chimney flashing, pipe boots or skylight flashing can allow water to seep into the attic, and left untreated, cause damage that is not noticed until serious repairs are needed. Spotting the problem early could save you thousands in repair bills.

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Brands We Work With:

We partner with many brands that cover all of your roofing and exterior needs a few examples are:

-Traditional Shingle Products

-Designer Shingle Products

-Self Adhering Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

-Single Ply

-TPO and PVC





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